COSTA MESA– FEBRUARY 27, 2017–Giving each student the tools they need to help them learn most efficiently and effectively is the holy grail of digital education. The Symbaloo Community asked for a way to blend content to personalize learning and make resources accountable. As a response to the request Symbaloo developed the Learning Paths Platform. A simple way to sequence any kind of digital content into a board-game style design.

Teacher Feedback Driven

Thanks to the easiness of use, Symbaloo has doubled its user base nearly every year. Listening to teacher feedback plays a key role in the Symbaloo development roadmap. This feedback made it clear that the Learning Path Platform needed to be simplified. That way Symbaloo can provide teachers with more and better products to enrich the teaching experience.

The goal of Learning Paths is to turn teachers into coaches, equipped with the best resources available to easily engage students in their learning process. Teachers can easily create a custom Learning Path by clicking on an empty spot. He or she can then add a resource, instruction and assessment all in one view.

Key Changes to the Platform

  • Simplified intuitive approach
    • Keeping in line with Symbaloo webmixes, Learning Paths focuses on the tile experience and intuitive process of creating a digital lesson.
  • Content suggestions
    • Content suggestions use computer intelligence to propose relevant content during the creation process.
  • New editor
    • New editor allows for easy setup and preview of content. The integration with Google Classroom shares results

To find out full details of the recent update visit the Symbaloo blog.

Committed to Education

Symbaloo is committed to improving their products with regular deploys and updates. With continuous feedback and contributions to the Symbaloo Learning Path Marketplace, the platform will not only help teachers to find the most relevant materials but also suggest appropriate Learning Paths for each individual student through artificial intelligence.

“Education will need the massive involvement of teachers to generate sufficient data to predict what content is perfect for what student” –Klaas Lameijer, CEO Symbaloo.


Learning Paths

Learning Paths is an online tool for creating gaming-style digital lessons using the best educational resources. Tile by tile teachers can create pathways for students to guide them through their individual learning experience at their own speed. Teachers need only a few clicks to associate each tile with videos, documents, questions, articles and educational games that guide students through custom learning paths. Thanks to the integration with Google Classroom, teachers are able to share Learning Paths with their students with a simple click.

Personalizing Learning Paths

Each student learns at their own individual pace. Some students require additional explanation on a particular topic whilst some need additional challenges. By adding questions to the Learning Path, teachers can assess whether the student has understood the material. If the student answers the question correctly, they are able to continue. An incorrect answer means that the student might need to spend more time before progressing. Therefore it is possible to guide such a student through tiles with more explanations. Similarly additional learning material can be added to cater for students’ curiosity to deepen their knowledge in specific areas.

Real- Time Statistics and Chat

Built-in analytics tools improve learning outcomes by gathering data and insights as students progress through the lesson. How long has a student been working on each step? Which questions are difficult and which are easy? Who needs extra help? All these questions can be answered based on the information available in teacher’s dashboard.

The built-in grading tool helps students and teachers to evaluate and archive results from multiple Learning Paths. Such information will become handy when designing new or improving old Learning Paths. Thanks to the chat feature, teachers can guide and support the students as they progress through the lesson.


A Learning Path can be shared with other users in the Marketplace and reused completely or partly, which helps teachers to save time and to share the workload with other colleagues. In the Symbaloo  Marketplace, there are Learning Paths  available for any topic, standard, or grade level. These shared Learning Paths can be used directly, or once added to the teacher’s account, they can be modified according to the needs of each classroom.

There is much more…
There are many additional features making Symbaloo  easy to use in the classroom. For example, teachers can prepare as home assignments. Students simply need to enter an access code on Learning Path site to join and begin with the digital lesson on any device and platform connected to the internet. Of course, teachers can set deadlines for the completion of the assignments.

Teachers are also able to upload their own documents and even record short videos using the built-in recording module.

Naturally, the visual look-and-feel of each Learning Path can be adapted to the subject and teacher’s own preference.

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