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Manage your favorite bookmarks and web resources, then share them with your colleagues or students!

Personal Learning Environment

Customize SymbalooEDU to create a personal learning environment that fits perfectly with your teaching style.

Lesson Plans & More

A multitude of easy-to-use features makes it easy to create tailored lesson plans for your classroom.

SymbalooEDU Mobile

Available Anywhere, On Any Device.

Your SymbalooEDU account is entirely cloud-based.
Access your resources from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, whenever you need them.

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Create the perfect webmix and add it to your webpage. We provide the code, and you just copy+paste it onto your own site!

Organize the best of the web with SymbalooEDU

Symbaloo PRO

The Symbaloo PRO account was created with teachers, schools, and districts in mind. This PRO solution allows you to have your own branding, a custom domain name (, and an admin control panel to set content for your students, colleagues, and friends!

Symbaloo Certification

Symbaloo Certification is the perfect way to learn how to get the most out of your Symbaloo experience! Create beautiful webmixes, integrate with different Web 2.0 platforms, and create a personalized learning experience for students and yourself. It’s all covered in this affordable and self-paced online course!

Top Classroom Features

User feedback has always been the driving force behind our newest developments. Symbaloo recently introduced many highly-requested features like: tile grouping, tile marking, sequenced tiles, and more! Check out tutorials explaining Symbaloo’s favorite features by clicking below.

What Our Users Say

I love to share resources using SymbalooEDU.  It has also helped with adding gamification in my class by creating a SymbalooEDU webmix that can be used as a level.  The sequenced tiles make SymbalooEDU even better for adding gamification to my class!Bobby Lewis (@usabbs)
Bobby Lewis (@usabbs)@usabbs
There is no other website/digital tool that has helped me more as an educator! I received more feedback about our SymbalooEDU webmixes than any other resource within the library.  Students and teachers loved it....and parents thought it was wonderful being able to stay connected to the tools and resources their children needed. Shannon Miller (@ShannonMMiller)
Shannon Miller (@ShannonMMiller)The Library Voice
Symbaloo is a great way to organize assignments for students, paperwork for my administrators, and all those important resources for myself. My students love it because it is easy to follow. My colleagues love it because of its versatility. When I present these at EdCampATL and conferences, it's amazing to see the ideas that come out of the sessions!  David Lockhart (@bigguyinabowtie)
David Lockhart (@bigguyinabowtie)EdTechSpeedDating
SymbalooEDU offers an excellent, easy to use, platform for my students. They can choose the materials they want to use from the pictures, which is so helpful for my 1st graders! Symbaloo has saved us lots of time on our computers!Meghan Zigmond (@ZigZagsTech)
Meghan Zigmond (@ZigZagsTech)ZigZagsTech