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Heather Cox

Heather is an Instructional Technology Coach for two elementary schools in Johns Creek, GA. In November 2013, she was honored by President Barak Obama as a White House ConnectED, Champion of Change. She serves as a leadership team member for her county’s Vanguard Technology Team.

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What is SymbalooEDU?

SymblaloEDU is a visual bookmarking tool based in the cloud so you can access all your web resources from any device, anywhere, any time.

Watch the video below to learn more about SymbalooEDU!

PD PRO – Heather Cox

SymbalooEDU Certification

The SymbalooEDU Certification is a series of short tutorial videos that will walk you through everything you need to know about Symbaloo! You can complete the certification within an hour, and you can review the videos at any time! Don’t forget to get listed under your state once you are certified!

Use Heather’s PD PRO code to redeem a FREE Basic Certification! You can also receive the SymbalooEDU PD Certification at a discounted rate of $30! Don’t forget to thank Heather for hooking you up!

If you have questions or concerns about SymbalooEDU, please Contact Us.