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No more ads with Symbaloo PRO+

With Symbaloo PRO+, the Symbaloo webmix gallery is now integrated into your personal control panel without the ads, helping you to stay focused. Not only have the ads been removed, but the Symbaloo PRO+ tool has many other benefits, such as real-time collaboration, integrated Learning Paths, and more.

Get your Symbaloo PRO+ account, starting from only $49 / year!

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Why choose Symbaloo PRO+?

Symbaloo PRO+ offers many options to work together with your team, your customers or your colleagues. Create an environment where all resources are  accessible and where you can work together on webmixes. Symbaloo PRO+ offers a customized solution for teachers, schools and districts. Discover more about the advantages of Symbaloo PRO+:

Custom Domain

  YOUR CUSTOM DOMAIN Set your own domain as the homepage on all your school devices. Your users don’t need accounts to view your solution (COPPA & CIPA compliant).

Real-time Collaboration


Easily share your resources with students, or within your organization. Add co-creators to your PRO+ account to collaborate on webmixes in real-time and communicate live through the built in chat feature.

Advanced Settings


Set user and webmix settings according to your needs. PRO features like static webmixes guarantee your content is distributed and unaltered.

User Management


Students and teachers create Symbaloo accounts through your Symbaloo PRO+ solution with your current content and settings. Any webmix edits will automatically be updated through the click of a button.

Complete Overview


Block content and websites to keep your students focused and on the right track. Restrict access to your solution via IP blocking and set the login procedure through the authentication settings.

Learning Paths


Connect your PRO+ account to Symbaloo Learning Paths to create and edit your lesson plans without leaving the control panel. You can also add a Learning Paths tile to your webmix so your students can access your assignments through a single click.

Price Overview


Symbaloo PRO+ for Classrooms: $49 / year

Symbaloo PRO+ for Schools: $499 / year

Symbaloo PRO+ for Districts: $1799 / year

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Help is never far. You can always reach us via email, Skype, or you can use our support system to immediately answer your questions. We also hold introductory webinars to help you get started. Please email us for further information.

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