Symbaloo Webinars

For the first time, Symbaloo will be hosting a webinar bi-weekly. There are two webinar topics that will be rotated each month: Symbaloo Basics and Symbaloo  Learning Paths. Each webinar will be 45 minutes long and ending with a 15 minute Q&A.

We’ll be going through every feature of Symbaloo, plus answering any questions you may have. Webinars will be every other Thursday at 2PM PST.

Symbaloo Basics

Learn all there is to know about the regular Symbaloo and SymbalooEDU platforms. First off, we will walk through the process of creating an account, and from there, go through the basics, such as what is a webmix and a tile, and how to share and embed your webmixes.


  • Symbaloo vs. SymbalooEDU
  • Webmixes & Tiles
  • Sharing & Embedding
  • Certifications

Symbaloo Learning Paths

What is Symbaloo Learning Paths?  Use Symbaloo Learning Paths to create a gaming-style virtual lesson plan using the best educational resources. Learn to create a digital path, assign & track, and share to the Marketplace. Find and personalize learning paths created by other Symbaloo users for your class.


  • What is Symbaloo Learning Paths?
  • Creating a digital lesson plan
  • Sharing
  • Discover other’s learning paths