How do ads work on Symbaloo?

Why Ads?

Why does Symbaloo allow ads?

In order to provide our users with Symbaloo PRO and accounts for free, we rely on advertising from trusted sponsors.

We do our best to ensure advertising is non-intrusive and does not affect your overall Symbaloo experience. With your help, we are able to continue making improvements to our products, provide great support to our users, and keep our paid PRO+ accounts affordable to educators!

How to remove ads

Remove Advertisements with Symbaloo PRO+

Enjoy an ad-free Symbaloo experience by subscribing to a Symbaloo PRO+ account (starting at $49/yr)!

Are the ads safe?

Are the ads safe?

We fully understand the importance of ensuring advertisements are appropriate and trustworthy for our users. Because of this, we have implemented strict guidelines for ad delivery to our users.

What we are doing to control ad content?

We only work with large, trusted ad networks with well-established policies on ad quality (like Google AdSense)
Internally, we have deactivated ad content from all sensitive categories (adult, dating, politics, gambling, etc.)
While we cannot review every ad (there are thousands!), our team does our best to manually review as many ads as possible

These actions should prevent our ad servers from delivering inappropriate ads. However, if you do encounter an advertisement that you believe to be unsuitable, please contact us immediately by sending a screenshot to

I don't trust this ad

There are only a few places where ads are displayed on our platform. At this moment (October 2017), you may see them:

1. Occasionally on the right side of the Symbaloo tiles
2. In the Symbaloo gallery: a rectangle and a leaderboard
3. In the Symbaloo gallery: occasionally a skin ad
4. Wallpaper background ads

If you are seeing advertisements that appear untrustworthy, contact our support team for assistance. Please email screenshots to

Our Ad Policy

  • No inappropriate ads
  • Ad placement should never overlay content
  • Ads removed on all Symbaloo PRO+ accounts

Learn more about Symbaloo PRO for Educators

Symbaloo Pro and ads
Easy & SafeEvery student starts the same way every day
ResourceCollaborate & Share the best of the web
ManagementPowerful Control Panel with advanced settings
SystemCurated & managed by teachers for teachers

The Benefits of More

With Symbaloo PRO, educators have more control over their content and resource management. Create a free account today to unlock cool features like: integrated Learning Paths, collaboration with Co-Creators, content restrictions for students, and more!

Custom Domain
Your custom domain Set your own domain as the homepage on all your school devices. Your users don’t need accounts to view your solution (COPPA & CIPA compliant).

Advanced Settings
Your own Settings

Set user and webmix settings according to your needs. PRO features like static webmixes guarantee your content is distributed and unaltered.

User Management
Manage your users

Your students and teachers create Symbaloo accounts on your Symbaloo PRO account with your content and your settings. Webmix edits will be automatically updated.

Collaborate & Share
Collaborate & Share

With the Co-Creators feature, you can collaborate with others as you build webmixes simultaneously. It has never been easier to organize your content and share it with the world!


Block websites (like Facebook) and keep your students on the right track. Restrict access to your solution via IP blocking and set the login procedure with the authentication settings.

Connect Learning Paths
Integrated Learning Paths

Now, Symbaloo Learning Paths can be added any PRO accounts! There is no better place to store and share all of your web resources.


Help is never far. You can always reach us via email or Skype. Or use the support system to answer your questions immediately. We frequently hold introduction webinars. Email us for details.

Symbaloo PRO supports and simplifies 1:1 Classroom

Symbaloo PRO Pricing

  • PRO
    •  1 Workspace [e.g.]
    •  Integrated Learning Paths
    •  User Management
    •  Real-time Collaboration   (1 user)
    •  Single-Classroom Use
    With 30 Days FREE of PRO+
  • PRO+ for Teachers
    $49 / yr
    •  1 Workspace [e.g.]
    •  Integrated Learning Paths
    •  User Management
    •  Real-time Collaboration   (1 user)
    •  Single-Classroom Use
    •  User Groups
    Try FREE for 30 Days
  • PRO+ for Districts
    $1799 / yr
    •  53 Workspaces
      [1 District, 4 Schools, 48 Teachers]
    •  Integrated Learning Paths
    •  User Management
    •  Real-time Collaboration   (Unlimited users)
    •  Multi-School Use
    •  User Groups
    •  Restrictions, IP Blocking & Web Filters
    •  SIS Integration
      (OneRoster standard)
    •  LTI Connectivity
    Try FREE for 30 Days

Download our W-9 .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Symbaloo PRO is now available for FREE to all teachers because of support from our sponsors. These accounts may include some non-intrusive advertisements and occasional promotions from sponsors we think you might be interested in. To enjoy all of the benefits of PRO without ads, upgrade to a Symbaloo PRO+ account (starting at only $49/year)!

Co-Creators is Symbaloo PRO’s newest feature and it was originally recommended by our users! This allows multiple people to collaborate within your account to build webmixes or make changes at the same time. Co-Creators can access or edit from anywhere, whether it be from within the same classroom or on opposite sides of the world!

Learning Paths are the perfect way to move your lesson plans to the cloud! Teachers can embed resources, articles, videos, or even quizzes into a gameboard-style webmix that makes learning fun for everyone. While students make their way through the learning paths, you are provided with real-time statistics for each individual student to track their progress! Find out more here.

With our newest version of Symbaloo PRO, we have removed the limitation on the number of students allowed within an account. However, each PRO plan is designed to be used in a particular setting: classroom, school, or district. If the visitor traffic on an account indicates overuse based on the subscribed plan, you may be asked to upgrade your plan or provide a valid explanation for overuse.

If you have questions or concerns about Symbaloo PRO, please Contact Us.

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