SymbalooEDU Certification

The Symbaloo Certification Program

is the key learning on how to use SymbalooEDU efficiently and effectively in your classroom as a digital resource management tool and in conjunction with various web 2.0 tools. Use the knowledge for your next presentation, connect and share with other tech savvy and Symbaloo certified educators and help digitalize the classroom. Make the most out of your SymbalooEDU experience with these self-paced certifications.




The Basic Certification is an introductory course to Symbaloo. Learn all of the ins-and-outs of the tool including, but not limited to: creating perfect webmixes, sharing, embedding, tile grouping, tile marking, lesson planning, and more!



The PD Certification aims to make you an expert in Education Technology (EdTech). Learn how to use Symbaloo in conjunction with the web’s finest education tools including: Edmodo, Prezi, Evernote, Thinglink, and many more!



The SymbalooEDU Student Certification is FREE for Symbaloo certified educators. The course helps you to have Symbaloo-ready students and covers a range of topics including:

  • Symbaloo Basics
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Cyberbullying
  • Research & Copyright


Hi there,
Thank you for your interest in the Symbaloo Certification. We’re happy to announce that we’re getting ready to launch Symbaloo Workspaces in the coming weeks.
Since that update comes with design tweaks and new features, we need some time to get our certifications up to date. The PD Certification will be disabled temporarily, but in the meantime, we would like to offer you our Basic Certification course for free!
Access Basic Certification by using the promo code BC4FREE below.
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NOTICE: After submitting your code, your page will reload and the Basic Certification will be embedded. If you don’t see it, follow the link underneath the headline. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


If you have questions or concerns regarding Symbaloo Certification, please Contact Us.