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SymbalooEDU is the visual resource management tool that helps educators and students organize and share the best of the web. Users save their resources in the cloud and access them from anywhere with any device. But it doesn’t stop there! With features like embedded content, group tiles and sequenced tiles, educators around the world are creating lesson plans, research assignments and personalize learning in many different ways. SymbalooEDU is used in schools to support:

1:1 Classroom

Blended Learning

Flipped Classroom



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THENWhere we are coming from

Start Simple.

Symbaloo was founded in the Netherlands in 2007 based upon an idea to make surfing the web easier and more accessible. Symbaloo was first to introduce tiles to a web environment and acknowledge the need of anywhere access to personal resources and online bookmarks. After taking the tool to the US market, tech-savvy educators were the first user group to see the full potential and started using Symbaloo in ways that exceeded everyone’s expectations. Shortly after, in 2009, the educational version SymbalooEDU was born and many features tailored to educational purposes were added since. SymbalooEDU Premium was introduced in 2011 to meet the needs of heavy users like teacher-librarians but also to manage content distribution for schools and district.

NOWWhere we are today

Create. Share. Discover.

Now Symbaloo has over 8 million users worldwide and offers extensive support in 5 different languages. Team Symbaloo is currently operating from two offices, one in the Netherlands and one in the USA.  The development focus is on making personalized teaching & learning easy to implement, understand and share. The latest feature – sequenced tiles – is a big step into that direction, transforming Symbaloo into a content integration platform. 

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the futureWhere we are headed

Changing the face of education technology.

Symbaloo aims to play an active role in the future of education technology. After distributing and integrating content, the next logical step is to evaluate and validate said content and used resources, and that’s exactly what we are working on. Creating a lesson plan with one tile is the first step into that direction. With Symbaloo’s development towards a content validation platform, educators and students soon can benefit from extensive resource analytics and will be able to answer the crucial question: Did the resource work?

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