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Check out below the collection of our favorite blog mentions and user created resources. Thanks for the Symbaloo Love ♥


by Elementary Etudes

Thanks to Christine Skog for her blog post all about Symbaloo!

Symbaloo tutorials: Organize your students’ online learning environment

by Bilingual Monster

Thanks Ricardo Sanchez for compiling and sharing a series of Symbaloo tutorials to show teachers how they organize students’ online learning environment!

Wahoo…Thank Goodness for Symbaloo EDU by Kim Hendrick

by Kim Kendric 

Kim Kenric, an Elearning and Online Marketing Specialist for the Indiana Learning Academy shares why she would be lost without Symbaloo, and how she uses Symbaloo to share her Edesk resources.

The Loony Librarian – Sharing Resources With Symbaloo
by Laurie Conzemius

On her blog,  Laurie shares the webmixes she has made for her students by grade level from Pre-school all the way up to High School!  She gives a great step – by – step tutorial of how to use Symbaloo.

Thanks for the Symbaloo ♥ Laurie!

Webmix Wednesday: Seuss Edition
by Susan at The Digital Scoop

Susan shares some great Dr. Seuss webmixes in honor of Read Across America Day. She shares two awesome webmixes by Rachelle Corry and HCES Tech that help inspire and encourage students to read more!

Thanks for the Symbaloo ♥ Susan!

10 Excellent Social Bookmarking Tools For Teachers
by Educators Technology and Mobile Learning

A great overview of educational bookmarking sites, complete with descriptions to find which is best for you! Thank for the Symbaloo ♥! Check out the bit on Symbaloo (#8 on the list) here:

2013-2014 Iowa Goldfinch Award Unit Kicks-Off in Grades K-2
by Sarah Staudt

Sarah provides an online tutorial showing how she uses Google Draw and Symbaloo to create an engaging and fun experience for her students. See her tutorial here:

Thanks for sharing Sarah!

“Black History Month”….A New Symbaloo and Time To Share With Others
by Shannon McClintock Miller

Shannon shares a great webmix for Black History Month and gives recognition to another Symbaloo user (Sylvia Buller) for an equally impressive mix. See Shannon’s blog post here:

Make Sharing Websites and Resources Easier with Symbaoo

by Rachel Langenhorst

After a long Winter Break, Rachel explores Symbaloo and shows you how she uses it to provide websites and resources to her entire Elementary School. A different webmix for every grade! Thanks for the Symbaloo love! Check out her blog post:

A Perfect Little Symbaloo Toolbox For Our Favorite “Apps and Web 2.0 Tools”
by Shannon McClintock Miller

Shannon uses Symbaloo to create a great compilation of Web 2.0 tools for teachers, students, and parents to use at Van Meter School. Thanks for your support and for sharing the Symbaloo love! Check out her blog post here:

Symbaloo Board: Integrating Reading & Technology

by Matt Sutton

Matt shows us how simple it can be to create a webmix with amazing articles to share with his colleagues. Check out his findings on his blog:



It’s Our Bookmark We Can Share if We Want To… 

by iPadSammy

Jon shares an article written about his appreciation for SymbalooEDU on Thanksgiving. We are incredibly thankful for his continuos support! Read the article here:

Symbaloo. Students’ Favorite Websites, All in Just One Place!

by Bilingual Monster

Symbaloo received a score of 9.5 on a review written by Bilingual Monster! Read about what Bilingual Monster have to say about Symbaloo:

Take Your Students on a Virtual Field Trip Every Day

by Jayme Linton

Symbaloo PD Pro Jayme Linton shares on her blog “Tech Tips for Teachers and Teacher Educators” how she and her students are taking going on a virtual field trip each day with Google earth, demoing all her resources on Symbaloo webmix:

iGoogle homepage replacement with icons: Symbaloo,

by Online Social Media

Online Social Media, a social media news blog takes a closer look at Symbaloo as an iGoogle replacement. Have a look here:

Tools to CREATE: Digital Storytelling

by ED-vemture!

Ed-venture is sharing great sites and tools to create in their newsletters. They feature a Symbaloo webmix of all the resources they will be using for the next 5 weeks. Check out their CREATE webmix here: 

Using Symbaloo for Differentiated Research

by Alison Camire

Alison shares how she uses Symbaloo to conduct differentiated research for three 1st grade students with different learning styles.

Symbaloo: My new BFF

by Rebecca Grabill 

Rebecca shares her love for Symbaloo and how Symbaloo helps with homeschooling.

Symbaloo Just for You!

by Carolyn Durley

Carolyn did a wonderful job sharing her ideas and examples on how to use SymbalooEDU if you are a classroom teacher, librarian, admin, or departments at a school.

Symbaloo as a School District Dashboard


Bob shows us how he is using Symbaloo as a School District Dashboard for all teachers. He explains how it is most useful for substitute teachers and teachers that are new to the district. He also list all the pros, cons, and his future wishlist.

A Symbaloo for Gifted Education

by Tamara Fisher

Tamara shares how she is using Symbaloo for gifted education. She uses Symbaloo to organize independent projects for her students and use Symbaloo to share her still-growing collection of favorite Gifted Ed links.

 Star Wars Reads Day 2013


Did you know Star Wars Reads Day is on October 5th? Megan shared an awesome webmix with Star Wars Reads Day resources! 

5 Ebook Resources for Elementary

by Matt Gomez

Matt did it again! He shared five of his favorite resources for online ebooks for young kids using Symbaloo. Great summer readings for your little ones! Kids can read the books directly from each webmix.

Using Symbaloo in your Classroom

by Barbara Vinal

Barbara shares how she is using SymbalooEDU in combination with Discovery Education Network to make her music classroom come alive. Barbara is also sharing her feature on SymbalooEDU Educator Spotlight.

Personal Learning Environments’ Focus on the Individual

by Katie Ash

Katie explains what a Personal Learning Environment is, and shows successful examples of how educators create PLES for their students using SymbalooEDU.

Symbaloo A Must Have For Teachers

by Shannon Tabaldo

Shannon explains why SymbalooEDU is her favorite web 2.0 tool to share at her professional development training with teachers and schools.

Mrs. Buller’s Fourth Grade Blog

by Sylvia Buller

Our Educator Spotlight, Sylvia shared with us the most adorable feedback from her 4th graders on her blog about Symbaloo.

Symbaloo for Classroom Curation 

by Karen Larson

In this blog, Karen tells us why she enjoy using Symbaloo and shares useful tips on how she organized her webmixes.

Access your bookmarks everywhere

by Ernst Hlow

Ernst shares his enthusiasm for Symbaloo. He exclaims, “It’s like having a personal assistant doing research on google, refining the results and organizing them for you on a visual board. And what’s better is that  it’s always available online to be accessed everywhere and through any device.”

Tried and True, SymbalooEdu!

by SBreivogel

eLearning features our Educator Spotlight video with Shelley Breivogel and Kimber Scarlett . The article goes into details how SymbalooEDU help them organize their resources according to their curriculum mapping and the benefits of using SymbalooEDU.

Organize Online Resources with Symbaloo

by Shannon Miller

Shannon shares great examples of how she uses Symbaloo as a Librarian Teacher and how her students and other teachers are enjoying using Symbaloo. Thank you for the support Shannon!

Symbaloo’s New Interface – Looks Amazing

by Carol Mortensen

Carol explains why she’s excited for the new Symbaloo interface

One of my favorite teaching tools: Symbaloo

by Randi Klassen
Randi introduces SymbalooEDU to her audience, explains the basics after a sign-up and has some good advice.

Symbaloo: The possibilities are endless!

Stacy is sharing her experience with Symbaloo and the advantages of having a premium account and a branded solution for your school.


Letters and Sounds – Symbaloo Videos

by Gail Poulin
Gail shares her collection of videos on learning letters and sounds for your kindergarten children that will get your kids dancing their way through learning!

Symbaloo via The Unquiet Librarian blog

by robinthelibrarian

Robin speaks about implementing Symbaloo as part of the curriculum
to create a personal learning environment, and how Symbaloo makes information-seeking relevant to users.

A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #106: Thankful For…

by Christopher Bugaj

This podcast features Chris being thankful for Symbaloo along with other assistive technology tools that he can share with other educators and can be used with his students

MentorMob Innovators: Carol Mortensen – Creating the Ultimate Online Learning Center with Symbaloo

by Carol Mortensen features in Symbaloo’s Education Spotlight

Carol walks you through each step as she explains how MentorMob and Symbaloo can be used together to create the ultimate interactive online learning center. She explains that educators can combine the power of these tools to build an online resource that provides the essential components for learning including: teaching, guided practice, and independent practice.

BP1: A Symbaloo Review for You

by Jason Moss

Jason contemplated between using Netvibes, Symbaloo, and Protopage to organize his digital contents. He chose Symbaloo and here’s why.

Digging Deeper-Edmodo, Myths and Legends, and SymbalooEDU

by msommer

Sommer shares her experience through exploring with educational uses of social, creative, and curation of Web 2.0 tools. Sommer describes Symbaloo as visually organized and list the reasons why she likes Symbaloo more than Pinterest, Diigo, and Delicious.

BP1: Organizing the color


Angela shares her excitement by describing her journey through her discovery with Symbaloo, and how much she loves the simplicity of our product.

Finding your “favourites” made easy for kinders

by Hurray for Play

 Melissa express Symbaloo as her favorite homepage and shares the reasons why Symbaloo is perfect for her kindergarten students.

Create a Symbaloo Homepage for your Often Used Websites

by Lynda Hall

Lynda lists the possible educational uses of Symbaloo, and created an easy to follow tutorial to help you get started on Symbaloo.

Managing Online Resources with Symbaloo

by Alison Eber

Alison Eber shares her creative ways  to use Symbaloo in the class room to customize information for each students.

Symbaloo as iGoogle Replacement

by Mr. Palmer

Mr. Palmer encourages the use of Symbaloo in lieu of iGoogle. He even offers some of his own webmix to share with the world!

Symbaloo Mobile – Share & Access Your Favorite Resources On Any Device

by Richard Byrne

Richard Byrne recommends Symbaloo to mobile users for all bookmarking needs.

Do You Do Symbaloo Too? 

 by Peg Hartwig

Peg Hartwig creatively describes how she utilizes Symbaloo, in a cleverly written informative piece.

Back to School: Symbaloo

 by Simon and Rozz Lewis

Simon and Rozz describe how Symbaloo is a great tool for students and teachers heading back to school on their website, Anseo.

Look How We Are Using Symbaloo To Collect and Share Our Favorite Websites and Resources

 by Shannon Miller

Shannon describes how she is utilizing SymbalooEDU within her school’s library – in part creating a great webmix of her school’s resources.

Say Goodbye to iGoogle and Hello to Symbaloo by Richard Byrne

Richard explains the shutting down of iGoogle and describes how Symbaloo is a great replacement.

Symbaloo, a Tool for Differentiated Instruction by Enric Calvet

Enric Calvet details how Symbaloo can thrive in a PLE setting, while also showing how it fits all of his needs for a great education platform.

Do You Symbaloo? by Topsy

Topsy, the site admin of Secular HomeSchool, gives a great overview of Symbaloo and also explains how it works for Home-schooled students.

Do You Symbaloo? by Michele L. Halken, Ed.D

Dr. Halken analyzes how SymbalooEDU is useful to her Speech and Debate class students.


Books and Glitter: I Symbaloo – do you? by Jenn

Jenn discusses why she uses Symbaloo and how it helps her visually organize her bookmarks.

Digital Kindergarten: Symbaloo by DigitalKindergarten

Digital Kindergarten likes Symbaloo for her kindergarten students and would like for anyone creating webmixes for kindergarten students to share them with her.

Create an Information Portal by Doug Peterson

Doug Peterson is a sessional instructor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Windsor. He shares how he is currently using Symbaloo and why he loves it.

Symbaloo your Digital Life by Sharon Hartle
EFL teacher Sharon Hartle, shares her new found love for Symbaloo and how she is using it with her students at the university of Verona in Italy.

Symbaloo as a PLE by Heather Purple
Heather shares how her students are using Symbaloo as a PLE.

Reading Webmix by Zurie Tafciu
Zurie Tafciu created a Reading Webmix with links to interactive websites that she plans to use with her students.

Top 10 Tools for Learning by Lisa Butler
We made it to this educator’s Top 10 Tools for Learning, learn about all of them here:

Using Symbaloo to Organize Websites by Brenda Heil
Symbaloo Certified educator, Brenda Heil created this great tutorial and put it into a word document for you to share with educators or students at your school.

A Symbaloo for Gifted Education by Tamara Fisher
Tamara Fisher is a K-12 gifted education specialist. In this article she shares how she found Symbaloo, how to use Symbaloo and she even shares her very own curated webmix for you to use in your class.

1st-3rd Grade, Laptops and SymbalooEDU by Cindy Brock
Cindy shares how she found Symbaloo and started integrating into the 1st-3rd grades at her school.

Symbalooedu : a student friendly web2.0 tool by Med Kharbach
Teachers will no longer need to worry about long urls being broken when copied by students . SymbalooEDU lets you gather all of your favorite websites into a webmix about the topics you teach.

Symbaloo EDU – First Look by Rick Glass
Rick shared how his 4th grade class are curating their own webmixes on SymbalooEDU.

An Hour in the Classroom of a Tech Teacher by Shelley Wright
Shelley uses Symbaloo as one of two homepages for her classroom and mentions a host of other tools and tips in this post.

Comparing Symbaloo and Netvibes as Information Dashboards and PLEs by Buffy Hamilton
Buffy shares how she is using Symbaloo with her media students and how it differs from Netvibes and iGoogle.


Symbaloo Who? What? by Dorene Bates
Dorene shares why she enjoys SymbalooEDU and shows you how to quickly get started.

Harold does a great job of explaining what a start page is, how it can be used in the classroom and the differences between various available options.

The Gourmet Papier Mache/Site Tabbing by Lois Girbino
On his December 18th blog post, Lois shares his K-12 art webmix and discusses how he uses Symbaloo in class to quickly access a group of links that he has collected around one topic.

The 12 days of Techmas – Day 1: Symbaloo by Andy Cunningham
In Day 1 of Andy’s 12 day tech tool review he covered Symbaloo. Thanks Andy!

IWB Resources on Symbaloo by Dorene Bates of the Instructional Technology Department for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
Dorene shares a Webmix she created for interactive white board resources.

Symbaloo and RSS by Andrew Sams
Andrew explains RSS feeds and demonstrates using Symbaloo to gather and read feeds.

Catch of the Day – SymbalooEDU – 12/6/2010 by Tom Boito
Tom explains some Symbaloo terminology and breaks down why SymbalooEDU is a great choice for teachers.

A Cool Tool for me by Wendy Eiteljorg
Wendy shares some creative ways that she uses SymbalooEDU with her students.

The Tale of Two Tech Events by Shelley Owen
Resources shared by Shelley after attending two tech events. She includes a screenshot of the web mix and organizes the links by color. Links in green represent shared resources from the Symposium, links in brown are from the SGVCUE Coffee Break, white links are hosts and sponsors, blue links are the speakers, and orange links are sites associated with the speakers.

Create a personal learning environment with Symbaloo by Dianne Rees
An overview of SymbalooEDU with screen shots and instructional strategies for educators.

Screencast by Nick

A tutorial created by a student who was given a school assignment to create a screencast and post the reflection via a personal blog. He took the opportunity to discover Symbaloo as a new tool for his requirement and offered out team a some great insights that we learned from.

Create Your Own Virtual Learning Environment Using SymbalooEDU by
The Internet is dubbed as the largest library in the world. And just like any other traditional library, it’s a great place to find information and to

Symbaloo Documentary by Anne Alsup
Follow Anne as she introduces SymbalooEDU to her class and see the reactions from her students.

Manual De Symbaloo by: Javier Prieto Pariente(Enero 2010).

A 10 page Guide to Getting Started on Symbaloo for Spanish speaking users created and shared by a Symbaloo user in Spain.

7 Fantastic Free Social Media Tools for Teachers by
The popular visual organizing and sharing tool Symbaloo launched its “EDU” … According to the company, 50000 teachers are already using Symbaloo to …

Symbaloo: Webmix for Music Classes by Yoon Soo Lim (Sept 2010).
Yoon Soo Lim of Philadelphia introduced her MS Music Now webmix to her 5th, 7th, and 8th graders. Many students are enjoying to explore many resources on this webmix.

Symbaloo EDU and Weblist: Sharing the web with students by Kelly Tenkely
How to integrate Symbaloo EDU and Weblist into your curriculum


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