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Sue Levine is an extroverted, fun loving, knowledge seeking, educator who loves exploring tools that enable my students to “show what they know.” She looks for tools that are easy for students to learn so they can focus on creating their work products and not have to invest a lot in start up time. We ran into Sue on Youtube and we’re impressed with her Symbaloo tutorials making skills. Watch Sue’s video to hear about her newest tech tool and how she is using Symbaloo.

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Get to know Sue from this interview.

Q1) How did you hear about Symbaloo? 

Shannon Miller and Cory Plough did a nice Symbaloo session at ISTE a while back and it seemed like a very fun and useful tool. I am now a loyal Symbaloo user!


Q2) With whom and how are you using Symbaloo?

I have been using Symbaloo with the Teacher-Librarians in my school district. They have been very enthusiastic about the power of Symbaloo and how it can help the students and teachers in their schools. Soon I will be using Symbaloo with the teachers in my building as we get our unit resources organized for next year!

Q3) As an administrator how has Symbaloo helped you?

The school district has invested in outstanding digital resources. I use Symbaloo to help organize the school’s digital resources to help our students, teachers and families keep track of our valuable assets. 


Q4) What is your favorite feature in Symbaloo?

I love the embed feature! I am thrilled to have been able to embed the library resource Symbaloo on the Destiny homepage. And, because I am planning on collaborating with teachers to create common core unit resource Symbaloos, I am looking forward to being able to embed each one on its own Weebly web page.


Q5) Are you Symbaloo Certified? If so, how has the program helped you?

I completed the Basic Certification course and will be working on my PD certification next. 

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