kelliKelli Robinson

Instructional Technologist at Georgia Virtual School

Her previous roles included business education instructor, course/technology developer, and CTAE/Electives department chair. She currently serve as an Instructional Technologist where she provide technical support and solutions to teachers and staff. Her department manages projects that help support Georgia Virtual Learning instructional initiatives and the learning management system. Learn more about Georgia Virtual School.


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Q1) How did you hear about Symbaloo? 

I first learned about Symbaloo when we were researching alternatives to iGoogle. We were trying to find a different platform that would be easy to use and provided an attractive interface.


Q2) With whom and how are you using Symbaloo?

We are currently using Symbaloo with our teachers and staff. We’ve created a Teachers Resources webmix to share and are also creating a Student Resources webmix that we plan to embed in our learning management system homepage for student use. Teachers are able to create accounts and formulate their own webmixes in addition to the ones that are being created for them.

Q3) As an administrator how has Symbaloo helped you?

Symbaloo has helped me by providing a one stop place where I can add links to access. It makes it much easier to find URLs that I visit on a regular basis. Color coding them and organizing them by subject is also helpful. It is easy to share updates to a webmix with all users, since any additions can be published immediately.


Q4) What is your favorite feature in Symbaloo?

My favorite feature in Symbaloo is that you can copy tiles from webmix to webmix. This makes it easy to duplicate items that two different groups might use. I also like that there are a number of tiles already available that can be added to your webmix.


Q5) Are you Symbaloo Certified? If so, how has the program helped you?

I have finished the first level of certification and am almost done with the second level. I have found it is helpful in understanding the different components of Symbaloo. It was also motivation in setting up my webmixes which I will be submitting soon to finish the certification.

Kelli shares in this video how she is using SymbalooEDU premium to share teacher and student resources with Georgia Virtual Learning School.

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GA Virtual Learning

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