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Custom Solutions for Educators, Schools and Districts.

SymbalooEDU Premium: For those looking to do more.

Easy & SafeEvery student starts the same way every day
ResourceCollaborate & Share the best of the web
ManagementPowerful Control Panel with advanced settings
SystemCurated & managed by teachers for teachers
Custom Domain
Your custom domain

YourURL.symbaloo.com. Set your own domain as the homepage on all your school devices. Your users don’t need accounts to view your solution (COPPA & CIPA compliant).

Advanced Settings
Your own Settings

Set user and webmix settings according to your needs. Premium features like static webmixes guarantee your content is distributed and unaltered.

User Management
Manage your users

Your students and teachers create Symbaloo accounts on your SymbalooEDU Premium account with your content and your settings. Webmix edits will be automatically updated.

Collaborate & Share
Collaborate & Share

Share information and assignments with your students and teachers. Add webmixes from your staff or other Symbaloo users and provide them schoolwide with a few simple clicks.


Block websites (like Facebook) and keep your students on the right track. Restrict access to your solution via IP blocking and set the login procedure with the authentication settings.


Help is never far. You can always reach us via email or Skype. Or use the support system to answer your questions immediately. We frequently hold introduction webinars. Email us for details.

The Benefits of More

SymbalooEDU Premium: Share webmixes with students and colleagues and utilize customizable options that are not available on free accounts. A simple landing page on your domain can link to different webmixes categorized by subject, grade, school, or anything else you can think of!

SymbalooEDU Premium supports and simplifies 1:1 Classroom

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  • Classroom
    • 1 Domain
    •  Up to 250 students
    • Classroom Package is designed for single classroom environment.
  • District
    • Multiple Domains**
    • Unlimited Users
    •  Multi-level solutions allow distribution with connected, but individual accounts.

*Starting price for schools or districts with maximum of 500 students and one domain. Every additional 250 users are $120 per year. Users are measured by how many students are in your school or district.

**Starting price for districts with maximum of 500 students and two domains. Every additional 250 users are $120 per year. Every additional domain is $50 per year.

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