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Are you a long time Symbaloo user and you love symbalooing all your digital resources?  A SymbalooEDU Premium Account might be what you are looking for. This blog post will help you decide which Symbaloo account is the right fit for you.


What is the Difference Between a Free vs Premium Account?

Free VS School Vs District

Our Recommendations

Symbaloo free account is best for individual use. The free account gives you all the features that Symbaloo has to offer. It works well as a start page with all your online favorites. It will help you organize your digital resources in different categories and you have the option to share your webmixes with others. You can share your webmixes by sending them a link through email, post shared link through social media, embed your webmix in another site or publish them publicly in the Symbaloo gallery. However, with a free account you can only share one webmix at a time while you can share multiple webmixes at once with a premium account. We understand that teachers are spending a great amount of time putting together valuable resources, we encourage teachers to share and discover resources published by other educators in the Symbaloo gallery. If you’re a new user, you don’t have to start from scratch but build upon a favorite webmix that you’ve discovered through the gallery.


SymbalooEDU Premium is best for classrooms, schools, districts or state wide educational purposes.  A premium account gives you an admin panel that helps you distribute and manage all your digital resources in one place. You will receive a customized SymbalooEDU page with your own dedicated URL. Your students will start on the same page every day with the content you want to distribute. You can take a look at to see how a district is currently using a premium account. The admin panel offers useful functionalities such as setting user restrictions and privileges, web filters to block inappropriate content in your student’s Symbaloo, and many more. The branding and admin panel makes it easy to manage multiple users on your account. Prices for Premium accounts vary. 


Take a look at SymbalooEDU premium pricing here


Why Get Certified?

Certification is the best way to understand the Symbaloo you are using and how you can best utilize Symbaloo. Basic Certification goes over, well, the basics. PD Certification helps educators best integrate technology in their classroom. Student Certification is geared towards younger minds and goes over Symbaloo for kids so you don’t have to.


Symbaloo Certifications are fun and easy. We know you’re busy so the videos are short! This allows users to stop the Certification at any point in time and pick up whenever they can. You can review the certification at any time and videos are always up to date.


Do you still have questions about which Symbaloo is best for you? Don’t hesitate to email us at or tweet @symbalooedu.

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