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Greeting teachers! SymbalooEDU is bringing a Digital Learning Day contest to all SymbalooEDU Certified Educators!

Submit your classroom and video starting Jan 20 – Feb 3rd! Voting starts from Feb 3rd – February 9th during Digital Learning Day week! We will announce winners on February 11!

The mission: 

Get your students SymbalooEDU certified! If you are a SymbalooEDU Certified Educator, you will have access to the Student Certification. The teacher with the most students certified and best video will win a Digital Learning Day package from us! Read details below on how to win.

Note*: If you’re not yet listed as a Certified Educator in your State, do it today!

Get listed in SymbalooEDU Certified Community

The goodies!

Top 3 winners will win an ice-cream party for your SymbalooEDU certified class, 6 months free of SymbalooEDU premium and a SPECIAL EDITION t-shirts for all 3 winners! We will write a blog post featuring your class on the SymbalooEDU website and monthly newsletter! 


What is Student Certification? 

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 3.52.19 PM

The Student Certification covers 4 elementary skill sets for Digital Citizenship with Quizzes, Interactive Maps, Videos and more:


  • How to start gathering research both online and offline
  • How to interact within digital spaces
  • How to properly find and cite digital media
  • How to discern between positive and negative use of digital spaces and the possible consequences of inappropriate behavior


How to win:

1. You must be SymbalooEDU Certified.


2. Have access to Student Certification.


3. Get your students certified!


4. Fill out this form below (steps continue below form):

Get your free webform from Podio

5. Send us a fun video of your class talking about how you and your students are using SymbalooEDU and what your students think about the Student Certification.  Last day to submit your classroom and video is Feb 3rd.


6. You can email edu@symbaloo.com a link to your video (Subject: Digital Learning Day Contest), you can tweet to us @SymbalooEDU or post it on FB


7. Your video will be shared on this page on February 3rd and through SymbalooEDU social media.


8. How to earn points to win!

Signing up your class (1/20 – 1/27)

1 point for each certified student!


Votes for your classroom! (1/28 – 2/5)

1 point for each vote on this page: http://bit.ly/1gVB97C

1 point for each tweet to @SymbalooEDU voting for your team. Hash tag #DigitalLearningDay14

1 point for each like and 1 point for each comment on your video that we post up on Facebook

2 points when they’re being shared throughout Facebook

1 point for each “like” on Google+ and for each comment on Google+

2 points for your video being shared on Google+


Voting ends on February 9th.  Make it your Digital Learning Day activity for the day to gain as much vote as you can! 


9. We will count all your points and the top 3 winners with the most points will win the Digital Learning Day prizes! We will announce the winners on February 11, 2014.


Have questions? Ask away at edu@symbaloo.com or tweet us at @SymbalooEDU

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