SymbalooEDU Certified Community

Click on a tile below or click here and see if your state has any certified users. If not, sign up here and be the first!

See instructions below to get listed in our Symbaloo Community of Ambassadors.

If you have completed one of our Symbaloo Certified programs, you should be listed in our SymbalooEDU Certified Community. Take a minute and complete the following steps so we can officially list YOU as a Symbaloo Certified User for your state!

Step 1

Step 1

  • Watch this video and follow the instructions provided to create your Symbaloo Profile!

  • When you’re finished, it should look similar to Sylvia’s

Step 2

Step 2

  • Add your profile to our SymbalooEDU Certified Educator Community by submitting this form

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If you have questions or concerns regarding the Symbaloo Certified Community, please Contact Us.


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