How to Use the Quick Add and Marking Features

Have you noticed some options for features that you’ve never seen before? Symbaloo launched an update on Tuesday offers new features to all of our Symbaloo users.

One of them is the Quick Add option. First, right click on any open tile. There is now an option to quick add a tile by only inserting a website’s URL.


If you are adding a lot of tiles at once and don’t want to customize them just yet, use the quick add feature to speed up the process.


Next, if you open a webmix and select the options button at the top, you will see in the side bar menu an option to add a marker.


Toggle the button to green, and the then click and drag over the tiles that you want to mark. Once you have added the marker, select the color that you wish for it to be.


If later you want to include more tiles in the same marking, go back to options and select the resize button.


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Archive #symchat 4/16/14: Makerspace

Did you miss #symchat yesterday with PD PRO Shannon Miller? Check out the archives for tons of information and resources on how to start a Makerspace in your classroom! If you don’t know what a Makerspace is, there are a few links in the archives that will help you to begin.
Here are some of the great resources #symchat provided!
Makerspaces – Pinterest
Van Meter Library Voice – Thinking About our New Makerspace


How to use Tweetdeck – PD PRO Shannon Tabaldo

Every Wednesday at 3PM PST our PD PROs are joined by educators across the world for #symchat on Twitter! Twitter can be difficult to understand for new users so PD PRO Shannon Tabaldo made a great video of an app that helps you follow #symchat directly from your desktop! There are many other options for following users and chats on Twitter but, like Shannon, here at Symbaloo we use Tweetdeck. Check out this video for how to setup Tweetdeck. You can follow Shannon on Twitter for more great information @TabaldoOnTech!


Premium Features Update!

Today, Symbaloo launched the new features and design for our admin panel! Check out this #TuesdayTutorial for an overview of all of the new features and how to use them.

Here’s a look at our new Premium Admin panel:

Other features in this update include:

  • Tablet and touchscreen improvements (especially for android tablets)
  • Embeddables (like youtube, google docs) are now resizable
  • Tile marking to color code and organize your tiles
  • Edmodo login
  • Optimizing preferences screen
  • Tile description inspector
  • Quick add option to input a URL only and add a tile to a webmix
  • And many more small improvements…

The next #ThursdayDidYouKnow and #TuesdayTutorial will be covering how to implement these features, so make sure to tune in!
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Webmix Icons

Did you know that Symbaloo offers webmix icons to help you organize all of your webmixes? If you have several webmixes that have similar names or you want all of your first graders to go to only the webmixes with stars, assign them an icon so that you and our users can find all of your webmixes even faster.


Archive #symchat 4/9/14: Symbaloo Student Certification

PD PRO Bobby Lewis shared his knowledge about how to incorporate Symbaloo in all types of classrooms and how to encourage students to get certified. We also talked about how Symbaloo is not only great for elementary students but for higher education as well. Find information about Symbaloo Student Certification and more in the archives!



Educator Spotlight – Jo Burns



joJo Burns

Technology Coordinator

Jo is currently teaching Kindergarten. She has taught Kindergarten for 14 non consecutive years. She has also taught 1-8 and special education through the course of her career. Her other longest stop has been first grade for 10 years. She has been a teacher for 33 years. In 2014 she will return to teaching K-6 Technology/Computer skills. She is currently piloting ChromeBooks in her Kindergarten classroom and using Symbaloo for coordinating links for teacher and student use.

Follow Jo’s Symbaloo profile here



Tuesday Tutorial: Where to Go with Questions

Do you have a question about Symbaloo, but don’t know where to go to get answers? This week’s Tuesday Tutorial covers all of the places you can go to get answers to your questions.


Earth Day Student Webmix Contest!

Earth Day

earth day 2

Celebrating Earth Day 

Earth Day will be celebrated world wide on April, 22nd 2014.  It’s an event for us to remember to appreciate nature and learn ways to protect mother earth. Education is the heart of Earth Day so what’s a better way for us to celebrate than with your students? Join us in celebrating Earth Day by encourage your students to join the Earth Day Webmix Contest! Also, it’s a great way to show your students wemix  ;-) . We will announce the winner on April 22nd!


Examples of Earth Day Webmix:



Symbaloo for Windows

Did you know that the Symbaloo app for Windows is now here! If you are working with the Windows phone or off a Windows Surface tablet, go to the Microsoft store and add the Symabaloo app.



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