Tuesday Tutorial: Using Symbaloo on the iPad

Using Symbaloo on the iPad does not require an app as our developers have optimized it for browser use. Check out this Tuesday Tutorial on a couple differences you may come across while using Symbaloo on your iPad.

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Six Super Symbaloo Solutions – Maria Sellers

Share helpful websites with parents

Share with parents

  • student work sites
  • enhancement opportunities
  • fun learning ties

Share with students

  • students work at home
  • summer time?
  • winter break?
  • snow days?

iCat students wanted to learn more about Google Drive to assist teachers:


Create A Self Paced Lesson

  • Create a self paced or guided lesson plan

This was created for student centers.


Student Computer Dashboard

  • Avoid computer lab and classroom computer station chaos!
  • Put all of your links in one place!

Our elementary students struggled to type in addresses in the lab. A Solution:


Digital Student Portfolios

  • Love using digital tools to create?
    • Websites, Padlet, Google Drive, etc.

Great example of organizing your students into one symbaloo. Imaging trying to search out their digital content?


Organize Digital Leveled Readers

  • Books everywhere! Eliminate some of this chaos!
  • Students will no longer pick up the wrong book.
  • While not all stories will be out there, you can find several!


Keep Track of Your Favorite Sites

  • Let’s Face it! I have too many websites for bookmarks. I categorize and label with Symbaloo!


Find more information from Maria on her blog SV Tech Tuesday or follow @feltnerm on Twitter! You can check out the original blog post on SV Tech Tuesday – Six Super Symbaloo Solutions


ISTE & Edtech Karaoke 2014

From June 28, 2014 until July 1, 2014 the Georgia World Congress Center was packed with 14,000+ educators from across the country for ISTE 2014. Team Symbaloo didn’t get much of a chance to walk around because the booth was packed with educators at all times, but we didn’t miss any of the action in our front row booth #3214! It wasn’t all work and no play for this team though. Once the Netherlands/Mexico world cup match began the booth split. Half of the team and attendees were cheering, hopefully for Netherlands, while the rest of the team gave 1:1 SymbalooEDU assistance!

Team Symbaloo is incredibly lucky be involved with so many helpful and enthusiastic educators! A special thank you to Matt Gomez, Pam Cranford, Emily Richeson, Joan Gore and Janet Corder for presenting at the booth throughout the conference.

Team Symbaloo, ISTE 2014

Jeff Bradbury of TeacherCast borrowed Kimmie for a bit of SymbalooEDU news on their ISTE Live broadcast – Learn why Symbaloo is an AWESOME tool for your digital classroom! Meanwhile, Anibal Pacheco stopped by the booth again this year for a quick interview with SymbalooEDU CEO, Klass Lameijer, where they discussed the benefits of Symbaloo in education!

We were joined by ISTE, McGraw-Hill Education, Edmodo, Adobe, VolunteerSpot, Infinite Thinking, Herff Jones, Hero by PlascoTrac, Remind101 and Essdack in sponsoring Edtech Karaoke at ISTE 2014! This year was the start of a new tradition at ETK. We held our first ever Voice of the Year Contest at Edtech Karaoke where 20 educators sang it out for the grand prize; a trophy, a free ticket to ISTE 2015, free airfare to ISTE 2015 and a GoPro camera! In the end, it was Teacher Librarian Susan Grigsby with her epic performance of Hit Me With Your Best Shot who took the top spot! You can find archives of the night everywhere from Twitter #ETK14 to the Edtech Karaoke Flickr or even in the Thinglink below!

If you plan on being at ISTE 2015 in Philadelphia, let us know! Stay up to date by following us on Twitter @ETKaraoke and on Facebook Edtech Karaoke. Don’t miss out on your chance to enter the ETK15 Voice of the Year Contest!


5 Ways to Make an Aesthetic Webmix

Do you want your webmix to be more clear and organized? Some users simply wonder where to begin when organizing their tiles. Here are a few tips on how to create an aesthetic webmix:

1)A Background Image
Whether you choose a solid color or an actual image, adding a background to your webmix can help your webmix stick out. If you do choose to upload an image, make sure that the dimensions or the photo are at least 1600×1200.

background image

2)Images vs. Icons
Sometimes, it gets tempting to keep the image that the tile comes with when first entering the link to create a tile. However, these images may not be the best way to convey what the tile is linking to. Look through our icon database, you may find a better option.

images vs. icons

3)Tile Color and Titles
If you chose to have an image for your tile, you may not be able to see the tile color. But if you chose an icon, you most certainly will be able to utilize the tile coloring. This way, you can organize different subjects or websites by tile color. You also may want the title to show if you have several repeating icons.

color and title

4)Using the Marking Tool
The marking tool is a great way to make tiles stick out. Drag it over the tiles you have organized by color, and it will appear with the same color. Make sure to name the group as well. The name will appear when you hover your mouse over the group.

tile marking

5)Using Group Tiles
The group tile can help you if you have a lot of very similar tiles that are taking up space in your webmix. Drag a tile over another to create a group. This can be especially helpful if you have a lot of grade specific tiles (ex: 1st grade resources) or resources specific tiles (ex: math resources).

tile grouping

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Archive #symchat 7/13/14: How do schools/districts give teachers time to play with new education technology?

Our newest PD PRO, David Lockhart, hosted #symchat this week where we discussed “How do schools/districts give teachers time to play with new education technology?” Find more from David on Twitter @ld112265 or on his website Edtech Speed Dating!

Some more great resources that were discussed during #symchat this week – Playdate, #edtechbuddy, Graphite.org or follow @Graphite on Twitter! Tweechme or follow @TweechmeApp on Twitter!



Tuesday Tutorial: How to Add RSS Feeds

Have you made an RSS webmix before? Check out how you can stay up to date on all of your favorite news sites using Symbaloo.

Watch, learn and enjoy:

Check out our #TuesdayTutorial webmix and other tutorials at tutorials.symbaloo.com.

Tune in every Tuesday as we share a tutorial each week to improve your Symbaloo skills. Do you have any requests for our next tutorial? Drop us a line at feedback@symbaloo.com, leave a comment here or connect with us through our social media. We’d love to hear from you!


Educator Spotlight – David Lockhart



lockhartDavid Lockhart


David is an edtech evangelist whose is just trying to spread his wings and fly. In ten years of teaching, (at CD Hylton in VA, Wheeler in GA, and North Atlanta in GA) he has come to find that his passion is really ed tech. He loves finding new technologies and giving them to teachers in order to do what education is all about… LEARNING! His journey as an edtech Yoda has taken him all over. He has shared his unique brand of edtech presentations all over the South East, and developed Edtech Speed Dating as a little place of resource sanctuary. You can follow David on Twitter @ld112265 or email him at ld112265@me.com.

Follow David’s Symbaloo profile here



Quick Add for Group Tiles

Did you know that dragging and dropping is not the only way to make a group tile? Let’s say you have several related tiles that you have already made, and now you want to make a group tile out of them.

First, you will need to have the tiles in set up next to each other, like this.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.36.19 AM



Archive #symchat 7/9/14: What Happens When Students Are More Tech Savvy Than Teachers?

Our latest #symchat discussion covered what happens when students are more tech savvy than teachers. We gathered tons of resources and great feedback! Check out the archives to find out who you should be following on Twitter and how to sift through the sea of information that technology has to offer.

Jigsaw Classroom
Flipped High School
Thinglink Video – How it works
Minions Teamwork – Thinglink Video
Sales Matters in EdTech: Effective Rollout



Tuesday Tutorial: Tab Filtering

Do you know how to find your webmixes? Now you can search through your webmix list in the side bar with the tab filtering tool!



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