New Features! Tile Sequencing and Browse Tiles by Category

Symbaloo is introducing two new features this week! Tile sequencing and tile browsing are ready for users starting today. To find out more about how you can use these new features, check out these tutorials:

Tile sequencing:

Browse tiles by category:

Check out our #TuesdayTutorial webmix and other tutorials at

Tune in every Tuesday as we share a tutorial each week to improve your Symbaloo skills. Do you have any requests for our next tutorial? Drop us a line at, leave a comment here or connect with us through our social media. We’d love to hear from you!


Archive #symchat 8/27/14: Strategies to Differentiate with Tech!

PD PRO David Lockhart discussed strategies to differentiate with tech in #symchat! Technology is prevalent in our society today and can be utilized in so many ways, including education! Check out the archives for more information about how to differentiate with tech or you can follow David on Twitter @ld112265!



Throwback Thursday: Quick Add Tiles

Do you remember how to use the Quick Add feature? This week, for Throwback Thursday let’s harken back to one of favorite new product feature from our last update. The quick add feature makes adding your favorite tiles faster than ever.

Simply right click on any open tile. There is now an option to quick add a tile by only inserting a website’s URL.




Educator Spotlight – Jay Vean



jay vean tileJay Vean

Tech & Learning Coach

Jay is in his eighth year as a District Technology and Learning Coach. He is currently in his second year with Cherry Creek Schools in Denver, Colorado. Prior to his district role Jay was a fourth and fifth grade teacher for five years. Jay works alongside a team of seven to support K-12 teachers with effectively and efficiently integrating technology into their instruction. Jay has a passion for teaching, learning, connecting, and sharing. Jay’s blog includes highlights from the #CCSDTech team as well as helpful tips and tutorials. Find out more and follow Jay on Twitter, on Google+, and on Pinterest.


Follow Jay’s Symbaloo profile here



Tuesday Tutorial: Embedded Content on Symbaloo

The launch of Symbaloo’s next update is coming up, and it will include several new features. One of which, tile sequencing, will create a sequenced embedded content gallery, and will even open regular websites like embedded content within Symbaloo. This week’s Tuesday Tutorial covers the steps to creating an embedded tile. Also, see below where we have started a list of embeddable web content that you can add to your webmixes.

Learn, watch, and enjoy:

List of Embeddable Web Content:

  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Animoto
  • Google Drive (Documents, Spreadsheets, etc)
  • Thinglink
  • Prezi
  • Glogster
  • SchoolTube
  • TeacherTube
  • And more…

Please check out our YouTube channel and the #TuesdayTutorial webmix to find more tutorials and additional information on how to make the most out of your Symbaloo experience.
Tune in every Tuesday as we share a tutorial each week to improve your Symbaloo skills. Do you have any requests for our next tutorial? Drop us a line at, leave a comment here or connect with us through our social media. We’d love to hear from you!


Placeholder Tiles

Occasionally, when you are creating webmixes, you may not want a tile to actually link to anything. Instead, you may want to have a tile that will explain the order or title of the section of tiles you have created without actually sending your users anywhere.



Archive #symchat: 8/20/14 Top 10 Reasons to Become a SymbalooEDU PD PRO

#symchat with PD PRO Sedley Abercrombie, where we covered her top ten reasons to become a PD PRO, was one of the best yet! Find more about the chat and the list itself in these archives!


App Smashing: #15SecondsOrLess on Instagram

Symbaloo loves to share on Instagram! We are going to start spreading quick tutorials on Instagram with the hashtag #15secondsorless. Every video will give you a quick “how to” in 15 seconds or less.



Throwback Thursday: Cookie Users

Have all of your webmixes and tiles disappeared after restarting your computer or clear the cookies on your browser? You may not have been logged in, and instead were using the Symbaloo homepage. Check out this #TuesdayTutorial on cookie users.


Archive #symchat: 8/13/14 Using Twitter in the Classroom

Using Twitter in today’s classroom can be tricky but PD PRO Sylvia Buller explains just how great it can be! Find tons of resources in these archives and you can follow @sabuller on Twitter for more great information!

Twitter accounts and classrooms to reach out to:
Stretch Education

Articles and tips for Twitter:
Teaching with Twitter
50 Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom
Twitter in Elemenetary

Check out the TweechMe App to help Teachers with Twitter! Contact TweechMe creator @s_bearden for more info!



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